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Privacy Policy

All data collected from the MindfulNest app is stored locally on the installed tablet device. Therefore, all sensitive user and device data cannot be accessed by the MindfulNest researchers and app developers, unless users provide physical device access to the MindfulNest researchers and app developers. For users that are not explicitly research participants, we will never request any data from the user. Downloading the MindfulNest app from the Google Play Store does not designate a user as a research participant.

For our research participants, all data collected will be stored in a secure location accessible only by authorized staff. Your information will not be shared for commercial or marketing purposes. Carnegie Mellon University may be required by law, regulation, subpoena, or court order to share your data and personal information. Otherwise, we will not share your name, contact information, or other direct personal identifiers. Recordings and photos will be viewed only by authorized staff.

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